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If you wish to publicly advertise shares in your horses, you are required to submit a Promoters Disclosure Application to the Lead Regulator in your state for approval. This application must be submitted by an AFS (Australian Financial Services) License Holder, or Approved Representative.
Australian Horse Syndications (formerly Misyndications), is an Approved Representative of Clanbrooke Pty Ltd and are committed to providing trainers, breeders amd vendors with a streamlined process that takes the headache out of paperwork.
Over 15 years of industry experience with ASIC and Industry compliance. Australian Horse Syndications offers an efficient and effective way to get your shares promoted.

Easy to use

Create your PDS online using our simple and easy to use interface – you can start the application process instantly.

Cost Effective

One package. One price.
(Upgrade options available)

Timely Support

Get prepared at the fall of the hammer! The Australian Horse Syndications team are on hand to assist you with your lodgement. Call or text Brooke on 0425743347 to touch base at the sales.
(After-sales on-site support also available)

How does Australian Horse Syndications work

  • Streamlined Application Process
  • Complete online application
  • Full account customer support
  • Reliable and secure platform

Simple to use. Only 4 steps!

Register with Australian Horse Syndications by adding your email and first name. A verification email will be sent to this address to ensure it is correct. Click the link in that email to verify your account.

Step 1

Add your horse into our online PDS submission form.

Step 3

Make secure payment via credit card

Step 2

Attach any documentation required including: vet report / insurance certificate / trainers letter of acknowledgment.

Step 4

We'll cross-reference, add our checks and balances, submit to the Lead Regulator for approval. We will forward a copy of the PDS once it has been approved.

Plans and Pricing

Honest pricing. Secure, online credit card payment.

Do I really need a PDS?

Apart from the legally binding nature of the ASIC Class Order, why wouldn't you want an Industry-Approved PDS? When you apply for a loan, enter a competition, invest in a big ticket item, there are Terms and Conditions. As a trainer/breeder or syndicator, you need to protect your business. Non-compliance is risky. You run a potentially costly commercial risk if you do not legally Syndicate your Horse.

Often new owners do not understand the complexities that come with training a horse; incidentals, veterinary costs, travel expenses etc. They all go hand in hand with owning a racehorse. However, if this is not understood at the time of investment, then you have a potential problem down the track. Australian Horse Syndications was created specifically to help make the PDS creation and Approval process easy and streamlined for clients to make sure that you can get on with selling shares and attracting new clients to your stable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Who can syndicate a racehorse?

Any owner/breeder/trainer may utilize Australian Horse Syndications in order to syndicate a horse and publicly advertise shares. However, there are limitations on the number that may be syndicated and also where the PDS is to be lodged.

How many Horses can I syndicate per year?

In Victoria, where Australian Horse Syndications is based, Racing Victoria allows individuals and breeders to put through 2 PDS’ per calendar year. There is no limit on how many a trainer may submit

I/my company are in a state other than Victoria.

Can I use Australian Horse Syndications? Australian Horse Syndications is currently in the process of being approved interstate. Once approved, we will list the states in which we are able to lodge PDS applications on this site.

How do I get started?

Simply create an account using your email address and a password that you create. You can then start working on a new PDS. Please remember to save if you are going to be away from the computer. This will not close the PDS off, it simply saves it so you can continue working on it at a later time.

What documents do I need to supply?

You need to have a copy of the purchase invoice, a vet certificate, the insurance certificate as well as a trainers letter. Talk to us for more information.

How long does Racing Victoria take to approve a PDS?

Once your PDS is complete and you have paid the set fee via credit card, we will review and submit to Racing Victoria. Allow about a week for approval if there are no issues – longer if Racing Victoria requires clarification or further information.

Where do clients send money for share purchases?

When a PDS is approved by Racing Victoria, Australian Horse Syndications will open a Trust account. All purchase funds must be deposited in this Trust account.

When is the Trust closed?

When clients syndicate a Horse, they must nominate a minimum number of shares that they will sell before the scheme is considered `live.’ Once this minimum number of shares has been sold (and the Horse has been paid for), funds in the Trust account can be used to pay all the costs listed in the PDS and can then be closed.

When can I start advertising?

Only once the PDS has been approved by Lead Regulator, Racing Victoria, can shares be publicly advertised.

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